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Yet only six weeks from the election, a progressive piety is now withering on California’s November ballot.

The Los Angeles Times summed up the startling news in a headline: “New poll finds shaky support for Proposition 16 to restore affirmative action in California.”Proposition 16 would excise from California’s constitution the 1996 ban on racial discrimination in public employment, contracting and education.

Only a few months ago the stars seemed aligned for a “yes” vote: Its backers enjoy a massive advantage in fundraising and high-profile endorsements from California Democrats such as vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris and Gov.

Meanwhile, the No on 16 campaign may be outgunned but it is long on energy and principle.

A Sept. 13 Public Policy Institute of California poll reports only 31% of likely voters saying they would vote for Proposition 16, while 47% would vote against it.

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