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LGBTQ Asian Americans seen as more ‘American’Kim Eckart UW NewsThe fastest-growing racial group in the United States — Asian Americans — is also one that is consistently perceived as “foreign.”But for Asian Americans who are gay or lesbian, their sexual orientation may make them seem more “American” than those who are presumed straight.

Research has shown that Asian Americans, and people of color in general, are seen as less American than white Americans, and face prejudice and discrimination throughout various aspects of life.

The same results emerged: Asian Americans identified as gay were perceived to be more American than Asian Americans whose sexual orientation was not identified.

As a result, gay Asian Americans are perceived as more likely to be American than their straight counterparts,” the authors wrote.

“One possible extension of this work is that gay Asian Americans may be less likely to have their American identities questioned than straight Asian Americans,” said Cheryan.

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