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Weber’s proposal, Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5, won overwhelming support this week from the Assembly and the University of California regents.
But would it mean fewer Asian Americans in classrooms?
In 2019, according to Census Bureau and official state data, Asian Americans were 9.3% of K-12 students and 33.5% of UC’s 226,125 undergraduate students.
Hispanic Americans were 54.6% of K-12 students and 24.8% of UC undergrads, White Americans were 22.9% of K-12 students and 21.4% of UC undergrads, and African Americans were 5.4% of K-12 students and 4.1% of UC undergrads.
AdvertisementOne way to make these ratios more representative would be to reduce the 29,000-plus international student undergrads at UC.

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