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The Asian American Advisory Committee will be called upon to provide policy guidance, communication strategy and outreach assistance throughout the campaign, particularly to residents who may have never been brought into the political process.

It’s my pleasure to serve on the Newman 2020 Asian American Advisory Committee and I intend to do my part to help Josh get elected so he can once again serve our community.”-Gary Chow, Mt.

The formation of the campaign’s Asian American Advisory Committee is another example of Josh Newman showing that he is a trusted partner and a proactive leader on behalf of our community.

What my 2+ decades living in Orange County has shown me is that most politicians, even ones who identify as Asian American, are simply not interested in representing the complexity of Asian Americans, particularly not the interests of the more marginalized communities under the larger Asian American umbrella.

I am proud to be associated with his campaign’s Asian American Advisory Committee, which is just one more example of Josh’s commitment to, respect for and partnership with California’s Asian American community.”-Katie Nguyen Kalvoda, Founder of Asian Americans RisingAAPI Advisory Committee MembersDr. Priya J. Shah has been teaching Gender and Sexuality Studies for over ten years and has gained insight and wisdom from her transgender and gender non-conforming students.

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