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“The coronavirus is causing much anxiety everywhere, and fairly or not, Asians are being seen as carriers of the virus,” the e-mail read.

“For months, there have been posts on notoriously extremist-friendly platforms like Telegram, 4chan and Gab linking the coronavirus to racist and antisemitic slurs and memes,” the A.D.L.

“This inflammatory language, or alarmist rhetoric, happens so quickly, and is not based on any facts.”Ainsworth, from Stop Hate U.K., told me that, after Britain voted to leave the E.U., his organization also received an influx of calls about hate crimes.

“Attacking members of the Chinese community over the coronavirus is exactly the same thing as attacking members of the Muslim community over leaving Europe: there is no logical connection.

This is a completely illogical act.”Ainsworth stressed that hate crimes should be reported to the police.

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