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In “Midway,” director Roland Emmerich sacrifices depth for heavy-CGI action sequences, and gives audiences a film that’s more like a summary of the Pacific Theater’s “greatest hits” rather than a moving portrayal of one of World War II’s critical battles.

Lt. Dick Best (Ed Skrein) is the hotshot pilot who is a little too unconcerned for his personal safety, particularly for fellow pilot Lt. Cmdr.

But even though the principal characters are all based on real people, “Midway” fails to develop them to a level that offers a genuine emotional response to their harrowing trials.

“Midway” ultimately only falls midway between a noble idea and a quality product.

Rating explained: “Midway” is rated PG-13 for considerable CGI-heavy action violence, as well as scattered profanity, including racial epithets and a single use of the F-word.

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