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Since the protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death began, several stories of South Asian Americans speaking out in support of the protests have gone viral on social media.
While Dubey and Islam made for sharable stories, many South Asian American activists say that the roots of activism in the community go much deeper and that community members should be doing more to embrace those connections.
Thahitun Mariam, 29, has been a community organizer in New York City’s Bangladeshi American community since she was a teen.
This site is protected by recaptchaArtist and educator Prinita Thevarajah is translating words about racism and injustice into South Asian languages, such as Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Urdu, so that the South Asian American community can better discuss these issues in their communities.
After recruiting friends and fellow artists to help, the South Asian Language Translations project was born.

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