Skip to content Mindy Kaling: ‘When You’re a Person of Color, Your Existence On-Screen Is Political’

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“I just wanted my lead to be as big of a comedy character as Michael [Scott],” Kaling said of her time on the show.

“When you’re a person of color, you’re inherently political,” Kaling said at the Teen Vogue Summit.

“So your existence on screen is political.”More recently, Kaling penned and executive produced the coming-of-age Netflix comedy series, “Never Have I Ever,” starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.

“That’s the truth for a lot of people,” she said, “Like when there is more than one minority person, they do get fired because [production is] like, ‘Oh, we have our token, we’re fine.

‘”Kaling is proud to have been able to open up doors for Ramakrishnan and other aspiring actors of color.

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