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In this way, Marx stressed that the chief goal in the English settler colonies in North America was the absolute “extirpation” of the indigenous population.

Marx’s Investigations of Indigenous Natural EconomiesIn fact, Marx’s approach to colonialism and indigenous populations went far beyond the analysis of his contemporaries, including Howitt, who was chiefly concerned with the moral question of the “Christian” impact of the Western colonizers on the indigenous.

In each of these cases, Marx and Engels were to take the side of the indigenous anticolonial forces.

Here, Marx was particularly interested in indigenous communal production, the disintegration of this under the influence of the Spanish, and the subsequent forms of colonial domination.49 Thus, in his notes on the Spanish colonial treatment of indigenous Americans, Marx recorded (the italics in this case standing for his inserts): “The original Spanish policy of extermination of the redman.

Drawing on Jacques Derrida’s Spectres of Marx and thus indirectly on Marx, Gerald Vizenor has underscored the concept of survivance in the face of terror and genocide as exemplifying the indigenous experience.

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