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In an apparent breach of a Seattle Municipal Code section that prohibits the forced dispersal of journalists, several reporters were obstructed or arrested by Seattle cops, even after presenting press credentials.

And so on Feb. 7, 1886, a militia made its way through Chinatown, with Seattle cops citing Chinese Seattleites for disobeying frivolous city ordinances.

Three hundred misconduct complaints related to police aggression during protests were filed against Seattle cops in 1969.

The late Rick Anderson — author of the book Seattle Vice: Strippers, Prostitution, Dirty Money, and Crooked Cops — noted that Seattle police in this period “covered up their badge numbers so they couldn’t be identified in the assaults.”When Durkan called Seattle cops “troops,” did she realize the implications?

In that period, city documents reveal that the Seattle Police Department spent $60,372 sending Seattle police officials to Palestine.

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