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Asian Boss
We are a media company with a mission to bridge social and cultural gaps between Asia and the West. We deliver the most authentic insight on the latest news and trends from Asia and in the process, will challenge you to stay curious, think critically, and take action to bring the world closer together.Become a member of our global community and download our free community app MOGAO to share and discover untold stories that you won’t find on mainstream media.
Meet the Filipino Actor Who Played #276 in ‘Squid Game’ | Stay Curious #47
Published at 2021, October 24
In the light of Squid Game’s global success, many have paid close attention to the appearances of
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MTV Impact
MTV Impact (formerly MTV Decoded) brings you stories involving social justice, activism, identity and insights in to how cultural trends affect the world today – specifically young people.
BLACKPINK’s Lisa Apologizes for Cultural Appropriation | Need To Know
Published at 2021, October 22
Accusations of appropriating Black culture have largely been directed at artists from white imperial
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TRAKTIVIST🌊 Asian American Music + Events🔊 Spotify Playlists –▶️ Submit Music
Beckoning: A Playlist of AAPI Joy, Sorrow, Rage, and Resistance
Published at 2021, May 14
Beckoning: A Playlist of AAPI Joy, Sorrow, Rage, and Resistance

Full YouTube Playlist here: https:/
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