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Asian Boss
We bring you the most authentic news from all over Asia through real people’s voices and stories.Our mission is to bridge social and cultural gaps between Asia and the world and hopefully prevent World War III. We’re still a small media startup and are constantly challenging ourselves to expand our coverage. In the process, we hope to empower you, a member of our global AB community, to stay curious, think critically, and take action to bring the world closer together.Join our movement to discover and report on untold newsworthy stories from Asia!If you want to license our content, we can be reached at [email protected]
This is How A War Veteran Is Treated In Korea #shorts
Published at 2022, October 05
If Grandpa Lee’s story resonated with you, donate to KLC now:
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MTV Impact
MTV Impact (formerly MTV Decoded) brings you stories involving social justice, activism, identity and insights in to how cultural trends affect the world today – specifically young people.
Need to Know: Jennette McCurdy Addresses the Abuse of Child Actors | MTV Impact #Shorts
Published at 2022, September 30
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First Asian / Filipino American to win Grammy Award – Larry Ramos – 1963
Published at 2021, November 19
Larry Ramos became the first Asian / Filipino American to win a Grammy Award in 1963.

Hilario D. ”
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