Skip to content Prince Karim Aga Khan at Harvard: “My College Room Mate Rules 10 Million” By John Fell Stevenson

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John Stevenson had been a room mate of the new Ismaili Imam at Harvard and the two became close friends.

The new ruler of some ten million Moslems turned out to be Karim Khan, a junior at Harvard.

We Called Him “K”What sort of man is the new Aga Khan?

Photograph: 25 Years in Pictures, The Silver Jubilee of the Imamat of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan, published by Islamic Publications Ltd., London, England, 1983.

Portrait of Swiss-born Aga Khan IV (born Prince Karim Khan) in his Harvard University blazer as he smiles with an armful of books, on the Harvard Campus, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1958.

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