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Second, to make it possible for students to study the processes of slavery, empire, colonialism and immigration that connected these regions and peoples, and in doing so made our modern world and our modern politics.
We have been struck and gratified by the eagerness, the thirst, with which our students debate colonialism, race, slavery, conquest and dispossession.
But as with the protestors, our most passionate students are as likely to be white, as black or Asian.
For we emphasize that what we teach is not minority or ethnic or black history, but British and world history and politics – but that this cannot properly be understood without according a central place to slavery, empire, and non-western peoples.
The industrial revolution, contemporary international politics (including the division of the world into rich and poor nations), immigration patterns, art, music, and much else besides, we seek to show by tracing the connections, are incomprehensible without a knowledge of colonialism and empire, including the largest and most consequential empire of modern history – the British Empire.

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