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(CNN) Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said Thursday that multiple presidential campaigns have reached out to him about potentially supporting their campaigns.

Yang’s comments come following a Wall Street Journal report on Thursday that Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg’s campaign had “floated” the possibility of Yang being his vice president. A Bloomberg adviser pushed back on the story, telling CNN that no running mate offer had been made by Bloomberg to Yang, who is now a CNN political commentator. There was outreach about an endorsement — considering both are businessmen — but there was no formal or informal talk of being a ticket mate, the adviser added.

“What I can say is that multiple campaigns have reached out, and it’s flattering to be considered for a VP role or any role in someone’s campaign,” Yang told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “Anderson Cooper 360.”

“I made clear to every other candidate that I ran on a set of issues — automation of jobs, an evolving economy that we need to humanize and a dividend of $1,000 a month for every American,” he continued. “And I said that if a candidate were to make a significant commitment in those directions, then I’d be much more enthusiastic about considering an endorsement.”

Yang dropped out of the race earlier this month, after paltry numbers in early contests made it clear that he would not advance. On Saturday, he said the still-wide Democratic presidential field needs to unite, and joked that someone ought to “pull an Andrew Yang” and drop out of the race.

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