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As Asian Americans continue to confront racism and xenophobia amid a pandemic, the 2020 release of “Mulan” comes when many members of the community — mainly Chinese Americans — sorely need some reassurance about their own identity.

For the past six months, Asian Americans have experienced increasing instances of hate crimes and discrimination, causing some to question whether their cultural roots will ever be accepted in a country that supposedly welcomes immigrants.

The film fails to fully capture cultural nuances (such as filial piety and emphasis on social harmony) that make the Asian — or, more specifically, the Chinese — community unique.

The truth is that at a time when many Asians and Asian Americans are fighting to reclaim their identity, “Mulan” doesn’t seem to do much for the cause.

Through no fault of its own, it also needed to counterbalance the widely held misperception of Asians and Asian Americans as the “other,” especially when Asians and Asian Americans have been unjustly scapegoated for the current health crisis.

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