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ADShe ultimately concluded: “There is always the specter of perfection, but [the Constitution] does not require it.”ADTuesday’s opinion defends both affirmative action and Asian Americans.

The ruling protected affirmative action but did not give Harvard a complete pass on discrimination against Asians, offering Asian Americans the opportunity to step into our place in the fight for racial equality.

ADUplifting Asian Americans does not mean dismantling affirmative action, a long-standing, constitutionally backed policy that advances important goals of educational diversity and societal reparations.

Asian Americans should keep defending affirmative action against “attrition warfare,” a phrase used by advocates to describe the persistent lawsuits challenging affirmative action over the past four decades.

In a moment when Asian Americans finally have the chance to begin telling and centering Asian American stories in the media and when two Democratic candidates — Sen. Kamala D. Harris (Calif.) and businessman Andrew Yang — are vying to become the first Asian American president, these issues are critical.

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