Skip to content Andrew Yang’s use of Asian stereotypes is reinforcing toxic tropes

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Given his role as a high-profile Asian American presidential candidate, his message is setting the tone for how many people may see Asian Americans and perpetuating a damaging caricature in the process.

Yang’s candidacy offers high-profile representation for Asian Americans in politicsYang’s statements on this subject matter because of how high-profile he’s become as a presidential candidate.

This cycle, Yang is one of three historic Asian American and Pacific Islander candidates, a milestone that’s been a source of pride for many Asian Americans I’ve spoken with.

Because of his ascent to prominence, however, his words carry significant weight and frame not only his own candidacy, but how Asian Americans are perceived overall.

Some Asian American voters have found Yang’s comments humorous and argue that they’re memorable one-liners, while others see them as amplifying troubling stereotypes.

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