Skip to content 'We just want to be safe': Hate crimes, harassment of Asian Americans rise amid coronavirus pandemic

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In California’s Alameda County, a Chinese American man was screamed at while mowing his lawn.

In New York City, people of Asian descent were assaulted, kicked, pushed and accosted on subway trains.

As the political rhetoric blaming China for the pandemic escalates, law enforcement officials and human rights advocates have seen an increasing number of hate crimes and incidents of harassment and discrimination against Asian Americans.

‘They … think I’m some kind of virus’:What it’s like to be Asian during the coronavirus pandemicNew York City, for example, has seen 16 coronavirus-related hate crime incidents; many of which involved Asian victims.

Police and prosecutors are on high alert, releasing public service announcements, holding town hall meetings and opening hotlines to ask people to report hate crimes and hate speech that, while not criminal, could escalate to violence.

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