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Since her appointment as the University’s Diversity and Inclusion Officer began in June 2019, Dr. Eloisa Gordon-Mora has been busy, listening, learning, planning, writing and taking action.

She expressed optimism about the forthcoming Strategic Plan on Diversity and Inclusion, which will take a comprehensive and forward-facing look at what the University will do to achieve important institutional goals for diversity, equity and inclusion.

It is a common error to think of something like my office, Diversity & Inclusion, as an office that you can ‘outsource’ the problems of social exclusions, and ‘they,’ the office, should be able to ‘solve’ them.

As with democracy, DEI work requires, in order to be meaningful, of what social-scientists term, ‘people’s agency,’ or collective efforts.

If diversity work is oftentimes isolated work, I hope those connections will bring greater visibility and support to not the only the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, but to the University.

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