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Latest Odessa Despot appointed to South Asian American Digital Archive board of directors

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Odessa Despot, staff psychologist with RIT’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CaPS), has been appointed to the board of directors for the South Asian American Digital Archive.

The nonprofit organization aims to create a more inclusive society by giving voice to South Asian Americans through documenting, preserving, and sharing stories that represent their unique and diverse experiences.

“I am deeply appreciative of SAADA’s mission of preserving South Asian American history, telling unique stories from the diaspora, and celebrating the successes and achievements of South Asian people in the U.S.

The opportunity to support an organization that creates a space for South Asians to connect with South Asian American history, challenges the devaluation of South Asian American experiences, and reclaims narratives that have been lost or erased from American history is very important to me and the communities to which I belong.

To learn more about SAADA and its board of directors, visit the SAADA website.

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