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Latest As US and UK struggle to contain COVID-19, conflict-affected states show encouraging signs in slowing virus transmission - IRC

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The International Rescue Committee (IRC) highlights encouraging signs from certain crisis-affected states of slowing COVID transmission, with several African and Asian countries reporting lower daily case counts and lower test positivity rates.

IRC’s COVID-19 response has so far reached approximately 26 million people through providing emergency health services, supporting economic wellbeing activities and engaging the community on COVID-19 prevention among others.

IRC is supporting 3 isolation centers across Pakistan full time, providing services to manage suspected and/or confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Early identification and management of patients in IRC-supported health centers also contributed to the reduction of transmission of COVID-19 in our areas.

We are also looking to continue these services by engaging communities on the importance of adhering to restrictions that can support COVID-19 prevention and the use of PPE.

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