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Experiences like these are why Ashley, who now lives in Arlington, Texas, supports the calls for racial justice that have coalesced around the banner of Black Lives Matter.

Greear declaring “black lives matter” while distancing himself from the organization, or the current president of First Baptist Church of Dallas’s continued and full-throated defense of President Donald Trump.

Rather, her belief extends to “issues of systemic racism that not only impede human flourishing but actually take literal lives and break up families.”Finally, there is the argument Greear made himself when, during a presidential address, he said: “Of course Black lives matter.

Responses by Evangelical leadership to the Black Lives Matter movement haven’t been merely rhetorical.

Your Black life matters.’” Even more than that, he said he’s been “pleased beyond measure” to see the number of white marchers who have showed up in support of Black Lives Matter there in Arlington.

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