Skip to content Irradiated, Cheated and Now Infected: America’s Marshall Islanders Confront a Covid-19 Disaster

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The hotel where he and his wife worked until the pandemic has given him “nothing,” he added, although the manager did provide some food after the burial of Nathan’s wife.

President Donald Trump and his aides spent the year bragging about protecting the uninsured like Nathan and his wife from Covid-19 costs.

Health care providers were subsequently invited to apply to cover the costs of providing care for uninsured Covid-19 patients.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s gotten a $12,000 bill from Tri-State Dialysis, which happens to be a subsidiary of Grand River Medical Group, which separately billed Nathan’s wife $14,135.

J. let me shadow him last year, as I followed his pricey health care treatment and Crescent staff’s attempt to stabilize his vitals and get him health coverage.

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