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Outsports hosted a conversation with four Asian and Asian-American LGBTQ athletes Wednesday, Sept. 9, to elevate understanding about the unique challenges they face.

As far as any of the panelists were aware, this is the first time a conversation like this has taken place.

This conversation addressed these added hurdles and barriers, as well as the lack out out LGBTQ Asian athletes — creating a lack of support network — and how all of us can better support Asian and Asian-American athletes and coaches who come out.

Joining the conversation were:“Racism and damaging stereotypes prevent many Asian LGBTQ athletes from participating in sports and coming out,” said LeThi, who directed the conversation.

“This is a discussion between Asian LGBTQ athletes about how we can create inclusive and safe spaces in sports so Asian LGBTQ athletes can thrive through sports.”More on the speakers:Lisa Coe wrapped up her diving career in the Spring of 2020.

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