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To the Editor:Re “Why We’re Capitalizing Black” (Inside The Times, July 5):The Times’s decision to capitalize Black when referring to Americans of African lineage, while well meaning, was improvident, patronizing and wrong on many levels.

First, it is an adjective describing a color and not a noun and thus inaccurate and imprecise as applied to a group of people.

“Black” is also not an ethnic or national group, like Igbo, Basque, Xhosa or American, which rightly are capitalized.

Even such civil rights leaders as Jesse Jackson prefer African-American and object to capitalizing “black” because, he says, “Any term that emphasizes the color and not the heritage separates us from our heritage,” as victims of the slave trade.

And how do we adequately explain the double standard of capitalizing “Black” but not “white”?

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