Skip to content Anti-Asian Bias, Not Affirmative Action, Is on Trial in the Harvard Case

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The lawsuit, which will go to trial next week in federal district court in Boston, has been called “the Harvard affirmative-action case,” and it has been spoken of as if it could end affirmative action at Harvard and elsewhere.

There are serious questions about the future of affirmative action.

The Trump Administration has made clear its preference for race-blind admissions policies, rescinding, in July, the Obama Administration’s guidance encouraging schools to use race-conscious affirmative action.

It also makes sense for many Asians to feel hesitant about objecting to being discriminated against, fearing that their objection may jeopardize affirmative action itself.

But the dispute that will need to be resolved this fall is about Harvard’s alleged discrimination, not whether affirmative action must go.

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