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Latest What Exactly is US President Donald Trump's Problem with Female Journalists?

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This is not the first time Trump has berated a female reporter.

But he seems to really have a problem when female reporters attempt to speak to him, or worse when they question him.

On countless occasions, Trump has called female reporters names like horrid or nasty for simply asking challenging questions, names that he hasn’t called their male counterparts.

In 2016, a female reporter, Megyn Kelly had asked Trump why he called women he disliked “fat pigs” and the like.

This is what Twitterati have to say:Trump when approached by female reporters lol — TheReal Bubba18 (@ScottE18) May 11, 2020I wish all major news organizations would agree to ONLY have their female reporters cover tRUmp’s (de)pressers for a few go rounds, and really take it to the fool.

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