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Recently, we analyzed 2018 U.S. birth data by parents’ race and ethnicity, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This is because in order to add to 100%, all race categories are “race alone, non-Hispanic,” and Hispanic is treated as an additional race category, even though it is ethnicity and can be of any race.

Similarly, 15% are Black; 7% Asian; 3% American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander; and 3% multiracial.

These stories are misleading because most of the decline in the U.S. white population is being driven by a growing number of white Americans being counted as minorities.

To be fair, in addition to tabulating data by “single race alone” and “two or more races,” the Census Bureau does tabulate race by “race alone or in combination” to reflect the multiracial nature within each race category.

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