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Latest Kamala Harris is Asian and Black. That shouldn't be confusing in 2020 — but it is to some.

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When he ran for president, Barack Obama also faced questions about his racial identity, having grown up outside the continental United States without his Kenyan father.

Black immigrants to the United States enjoy higher household incomes and rates of educational attainment than U.S.-born African Americans, a trend that gets overlooked when the Black experience is universalized.

Still, 20 years into the movement to allow mixed-race Americans to acknowledge their differentiation from Black Americans, the multiracial demographic is one of the fastest-growing groups in this country.

And Meghan Markle — born to a black mother and a white father exactly 20 years after Obama — has consistently identified as biracial, reinforcing the generational divide in perceptions of Black identity.

And today, Blasian is an acceptable way for people of mixed Asian and Black heritage to refer to themselves.

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