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Eleven years later, the experiences she had with her arranged marriage led her to skeptically binge the Netflix reality show, “Indian Matchmaking,” featuring a cast of characters all looking to satisfy a cultural expectation that they put a ring on it.

“Fast forward, we ended up getting married.”To Tulshyan, who is a Singaporean of Indian descent, what Westerners know as “arranged marriage” was just considered the norm.

For these same reasons, a viral Twitter thread by someone who was forced into an arranged marriage system has gained traction in light of the show.

You do get your heart broken, you are less likely to push back and have those important conversations, which I actually think are the foundation of a happy marriage, arranged or otherwise.”Aparna in an episode of “‘Indian Matchmaking.”

NetflixThough she admits the system is inherently stacked against them, Tulshyan has advice for feminists who are opting to enter the arranged marriage arena.

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