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Income inequality in U.S. increased most among Asians from 1970 to 2016.

Pew Research Center“When we’re talking about Asian Americans, we’re talking about immigrants,” Rakesh Kochhar, lead researcher of the report, said.

In contrast, non-Hispanic whites at the 90th percentile made $117,986 in 2016, 7.8 times more than the 10th percentile at $15,094.

To be sure, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in aggregate and on average made more money than other groups, though the report noted that education and income varied widely among sub-groups.

Income for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at the 90th percentile was also higher than whites, blacks, and Hispanics, though those at the 10th percentile lived on $12,478, 17 percent less than whites.

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