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Latest 50 Years Later, Challenging the 'Model Minority Myth' Through #ReModelMinority

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“This stereotype has plagued our communities for a long time,” Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Acting Director Jeanny Kim told NBC News.

“Its longstanding use is not only homogenizing but also harmful to Asian Pacific Americans whose experiences are not reflected in the stereotype.

As the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, we have a responsibility to reframe the public discourse toward a more inclusive understanding of Asian Pacific America and our many contributions to the nation.”

This site is protected by recaptchaThe term “model minority” was first coined by sociologist William Petersen in a January 1966 New York Times Magazine article, “Success story: Japanese American style.”

The “model minority” analysis also pitted Japanese Americans — and, later, all Asian Americans — against so-called “problem minorities,” which many say has distracted from charges of institutional racism.

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