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MONTEREY — On the heels of a resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, a diversity training seminar this week hosted by a Monterey nonprofit foundation had such an overwhelming response that many ended up on a waiting list to attend.

The Community Foundation for Monterey County’s Center for Nonprofit Excellence coordinated Wednesday’s webinar with the National Coalition-Building Institute, Monterey County, that was open to hundreds of local nonprofits.

Called the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training Program for Nonprofits, the aim is to help nonprofits achieve greater equity within their organizations, programs and practices by shifting long-held habits and practices that could inhibit those goals.

Diversity is assembling a team of coworkers with different life experiences, creating a richer, broader approach to every task.

Sue Parris is the Monterey County chapter director of the National Coalition-Building Institute, which delivered Wednesday’s virtual training.

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