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Standing in solidarity with the Black community does not invalidate South Asian struggles, and speaking to allyship as such demonstrates heartbreaking apathy and insensitivity.

While the goal of South Asian solidarity is not to shift the narrative to colorism, we must recognize that our anti-Black prejudice derives from colorist and casteist attitudes and thus contributes to daily racial microaggressions.

South Asian and African-American solidarity, however, existed far before this act was passed, and it goes beyond Martin Luther King Jr.’s use of Gandhian nonviolence.

The parallels between the Civil Rights Movement and South Asian liberation movements like Quit India instilled a historical alliance between these two communities that we continuously fail to recognize today as South Asian presence in the States is vastly overlooked prior to 1965.

In a fight against injustice that we are all too familiar with, South Asian acts of solidarity for Black lives are crucial.

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