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Political origins of a harmful narrative The model minority myth is not a new phenomenon.

In speaking to MNT, Hee-Young emphasized that to properly understand the pervasiveness and negative impact of the model minority myth, one must first understand its history: “I think what’s so crucial to understand this is that, first [we should not remove] that ‘myth’ part of the in that phrase [model minority myth], because it is a myth in such an intentionally crafted […] way.

The myth’s impact on mental health The long-lived circulation of the model minority myth has also meant that many ethnic minority individuals in the U.S. have internalized the stereotypes it promotes.

Other specialists suggest those who have internalized the model minority myth may feel additional pressure to succeed, which can affect their mental health and well-being.

And after learning about the history of [the model minority myth], it makes sense, because it was a contradiction.

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