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Latest Sending Love: A Letter to Black Workers, Organizers, and Labor Leaders

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Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) workers are overrepresented in the lowest-paying occupations, and Black people in particular earn the lowest median wage of any racial group in the U.S.History has shown that Black workers are the canaries in the coal mine: for any negative impacts on workers, Black workers are almost always impacted first and worst.

As states reopen, Americans of all backgrounds will increasingly face the challenges many Black and Brown workers have struggled with for months.

Black workers continue to have the highest unionization rates of any racial group, especially in public sector jobs.

We will stand up unashamedly in our organizations to lift up Black and Brown workers in Washington State.

In this moment we must extend ourselves grace, patience, and compassion, remembering that we are among the Black workers we are fighting for.

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