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Listen to the Podcast Episode The study found discrimination against people thought to have COVID-19, even if they weren’t infected, peaked in April and has since declined, but it persists, particularly against Asian Americans.

In early June, Asian Americans were more than 2.5 times as likely as whites (13% vs. 5%) to experience a recent incident of COVID-related discrimination, according to the statement.

Adults between the ages of 18 and 34 were three times as likely as seniors 65 and older to report a recent incident of coronavirus-related discrimination.

“Asian Americans were the first racial/ethnic group to experience substantial discrimination, followed by African Americans and Latinos.

“Blaming Asian immigrants and Asian Americans for outbreaks of disease has a long history in California and in the United States,” said Shah, author of “Contagious Divides: Epidemics and Race in San Francisco’s Chinatown.”

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