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Catalysts for GivingWith giving circles around the country reporting surging interest, this effort and Glenn’s graduating class offer a window into the changing face of giving circles, the dynamics that are driving more people to them, and the potential for COVID-19 to birth a new generation of virtual groups.

Her organization, a support network for Jewish-related giving circles, is part of the coalition that launched Philanthropy Together.

The Changing Face of Giving CirclesFor a long time, the typical giving circle member was an older, wealthy, married white woman.

“Many, many different communities across the world have been doing some kind of giving circle,” Lomelin told me.

“We had seen that giving circles that were purely virtual fizzled after a few years.”Indeed, some of the 350 who had signed up to start new giving circles through the 100 Who Care Alliance have paused their efforts due to COVID-19.

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