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Latest With Billions of People Self-Isolating, Now is the Time to Recover From Cosmetic Surgery

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As cosmetic surgery clinics new open up, pent-up demand for beauty procedures is expected to boost growth in the year 2021.

Botulinum Toxin market will go from a -8.6% slump in 2020 to a speedy recovery of 4.7% in 2021.

Over the last few years, botulinum toxin injectables and other aesthetic injectables are gaining much greater social acceptance.

Pre-pandemic growth drivers that will gradually come into play will include the expanding range of therapeutic indications for Botulinum Toxin and the rising demand for non-invasive cosmetic treatment solutions.

The market for long has been characterized by huge unmet medical needs and the ensuing strong off-label aesthetic and therapeutic uses of botulinum toxin.

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