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A group of students is running a project revolved around positively communicating the EU.

Now the group consists of six students: Benedikt Erasmus Kau (German), studying in Maastricht, the Netherlands; Hans-Christoph Schlüter (German), studying in Tübingen, Germany; Mirko Moser-Abt (German), studying in Oslo, Norway; Tabea Wich (German), studying in Maastricht; Anne Havenith (Belgian), studying in Aachen, Germany; and Amelie Kircher (German), studying in Freiburg, Germany.

Positive populismBenedikt, who was born in Dresden, in eastern Germany, said that the group’s idea was to fight populism using its own weapons.

But he added that he and his friends were also worried about rising populism in Germany and other countries.

Benedikt also stressed that his ‘positive populism’ project was not doing marketing for the EU, and that he and his friends actually had concerns and believed that the Union needed to change.

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