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Latest Move to Reinstate Affirmative Action Loses in California

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Move to Reinstate Affirmative Action Loses in California—AP Photo/Rich PedroncelliSan FranciscoThe campaign to reinstate affirmative action in overwhelmingly Democratic California had money, momentum and big-name backers, including Black celebrities Issa Rae and Ava DuVernay, but voters in the most populated state rejected the measure.

California was founded as a free state but sanctioned ownership of Black people.

Lawmakers figured the time was right with an electorate that is less Republican and more diverse than in 1996, when California voters banned affirmative action through a ballot measure pushed by then-Gov.

Asians were deeply divided, probably deeply strongly against it, and Latino and African American voters were relatively indifferent,” he said.

We were vastly outspent and opposed by the California political establishment and much of the media,” their statement said.

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