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Latest The U.S. Inequality Debate

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IntroductionIncome and wealth inequality in the United States is substantially higher than in almost any other developed nation, and it is on the rise, sparking an intensifying national debate.

Still, inequality in the United States outpaces that of other rich nations.

This is captured by the steady rise in the U.S. Gini coefficient, a measure of a country’s economic inequality that ranges from zero (completely equal) to one hundred (completely unequal).

Recent years have seen the election of populist leaders around the world, which some researchers have linked to insecurity caused by economic inequality.

61% Percentage of Americans who say there is too much economic inequality Pew Research Center Source: LinkedIn Email Share ShareA majority of Americans—61 percent—say there is too much economic inequality in the United States, and in the 2020 Democratic primary, inequality was again a major issue.

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