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But for a few, more conservative Asian-American figureheads to focus their attack on one portion of the commission’s statement of solidarity is a distraction from the central issues: the criminalization of Black, brown, and immigrant communities and the broad, popular call for police accountability.

As a longtime Asian-American activist who has worked in active solidarity with Black communities for decades, I want to express support for the intent of the Massachusetts Asian American Commission in releasing its “Statement in Support of Black Lives Matter” in this moment that cries out for justice ( “Asian-American panel at odds over statement,” Metro, June 14).

AdvertisementLike the Asian American Commission, hundreds of Asian-American organizations across the country have joined this call because we know that the road to equality and justice for Asian-Americans is the road that Black communities have been traveling for 400 years.

We also dispute the notion that calling out anti-Blackness within our community is divisive.

We can support Black Lives Matter, do the hard work of self-reflection on our own biases, and honor the experiences of our immigrant parents and grandparents.

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