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Latest Ethnic studies will help students become better informed citizens in our diverse democracy

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In summary The latest recommendations to the proposed ethnic studies curriculum, under consideration this week, are a bold step forward for California students.

Ethnic Studies instruction should be a fundamental component of California public education in the 21st century.

The state’s proposed Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum is founded on a voluminous literature in Ethnic Studies developed over the past 50 years.

The latest draft of the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum will help us reach this goal.

_____Other commentary on the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum:Draft Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum is what our students need in this moment“California students will fight for the ethnic studies education we deserve”“Inclusion of Jews in ethnic studies curriculum is essential”“Meaningful representation of Sikh Americans in ethnic studies would show progress for inclusion”“Another version of ‘ethnic studies’”We rely on the generosity of Californians to cover the issues that matter.

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