Skip to content On the Frontlines at Work and at Home: The Disproportionate Economic Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Women of Color

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In addition to the substantial economic responsibilities for their families, women of color continue to experience pay disparities that reduce their overall earnings and undermine their economic stability.

Meanwhile, an estimated 54 percent of home health aides are women of color, with Black women comprising more than half of the women of color in these jobs.

Women of color disproportionately work in industries experiencing significant job lossesAlthough many women of color work in essential jobs, they also disproportionately work in several of the industries hit hardest by job losses.

Women of color disproportionately work in low-wage jobs with fewer workplace supportsMany of the jobs in which women of color work are among the lowest-paying occupations.

Although the cost of procuring care is high, care workers themselves are often low-paid and therefore lack economic resources.

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