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Latest “Go Back To China” Asian Mom & Daughter Told In California

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Another story of anti-Asian racism has emerged in the U.S. – this time in Fremont, California.

In a story now starting to make headlines in what is supposed to be the most liberal state in the union, a Fremont mother and her 10-year-old daughter were reportedly abused multiple times in one day by a neighbour.

The victim, using the name Theresa, is said to be a local resident of Asian descent, although she is not Chinese.

In response to Theresa saying “Oh, it’s so lovely to meet you” when she first met the alleged abuser, she was then asked personal questions on “(w)hether or not (she) was a renter” and “how much my house cost” Theresa claims.

Video was soon thereafter taken of the woman saying “go back to China” on multiple occasions, and shouting homophobic insults.

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