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Latest 4 Reasons Shinzo Abe Should Attend China’s WW2 Military Parade

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AdvertisementA lot of media attention has focused on whether or not Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, will attend China’s military parade on September 3.

Specifically, there are four good reasons why Abe should attend the military parade on September 3 in Beijing.

Abe’s right-wing political allies might have the most to lose from Abe’s attendance at China’s military parade because to them it would symbolize China’s victory over Japan again.

Get the NewsletterFourth, though the United States might not like the idea of Abe’s attendance in China’s military parade, it will grudgingly accept it if Abe makes that decision.

To conclude, Abe’s attendance at China’s military parade is a golden opportunity to improve China-Japan relations, if this is what Abe indeed wants for the two countries.

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