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“So, I think, for many of us who are immigrants, and I think still for the second, third, maybe even fourth generation, the [Asian Pacific American (APA)] values are still brought through––and, again, there is no universal APA value.

It goes back to the specific nationality, which, in itself can be very diverse.”This is why Batayola is so excited about the exhibit at the Wing Luke Museum, called, “Hear Us Rise: APA Voices in Feminism,” which opened on March 6.

The exhibit’s main goal is to showcase APA women who are fighting gender discrimination, with the added backdrop of racism, colonialism, and imperialism, said Wing Luke senior exhibit developer Mikala Woodward.

“These things are intersectional, and the way race and gender intersect for Asian women and Pacific Islander women is different than for other women of color,” Woodward said.

The committee teamed up with the Asian American Feminist Collective in New York City, hiring the group’s co-founder, Tiffany Tso, to write the informational texts, timelines, and backgrounds for the exhibit.

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