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Share Email 71 SharesMarch 23, 2020; New York Times“As the coronavirus upends American life, Chinese Americans face a double threat,” write Sabrina Tavernise and Richard Oppel in the New York Times.

Just this morning, Bloomberg reports he has agreed to stop the practice, but we’ll see if that sticks.

For example, a study conducted by three researchers at San Francisco State University found widespread reports of Asian Americans facing discrimination in news articles related to the coronavirus between February 9 and March 7.

“I’ve never felt afraid to leave my home to take out the trash [because] of my face.”Chinese Americans, note Tavernise and Oppel, are not the only ones to face discrimination stemming from the pandemic virus.

We need to support our community.” Tashima estimates that the group is continuing to grow by about 1,000 members a day.—Steve Dubb

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