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Twitter’s timeline is currently overrun with ads for some users, in what at first appeared to be a glitch involving the distribution of Promoted Tweets.

As Twitter’s Business website explains, “we’re thoughtful in how we display Promoted Tweets, and are conservative about the number of Promoted Tweets that people see in a single day.”

.. like 3 out of 10 tweets in my timeline are promoted tweets — HBBP (@HBBP) December 7, 2020 else seeing a massive increase in promoted tweets on their feed?

— Andrew | Bossk (@OverlordBossk) December 7, 2020 tons of promoted tweets everywhere nnnnnnnnnnnnngh — Al Murray – DKMS.ORG.UK (@almurray) December 7, 2020 are there SO many promoted tweets on my tl ..

Given the lack of updates and information, some Twitter users have been dealing with the influx of Promoted Tweets by muting or blocking the advertiser’s account.

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